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Before Renting Consider This...

1.) How much will the rent, security deposit, or pet deposit be. Are there any other deposits that may be required? .....How often does the rent increase.

2.) Will utilities be included and if not which utilities would I be responsible for any and if so, in what percentage would I be responsible for them

3.) Do I want to rent a home, a condo, an apartment, a room, a room with kitchen privileges-

4.) If I rent a room will I share a bathroom or have a private bathroom

5.) Is smoking allowed -where can I smoke outside as to not disturb neighbors

6.) Are pet(s) allowed. Have there previously been pets in the home

7.) What are the Rules and Regulations of the home, apartment, condo community

8.) Who do I contact regarding HOA rules

9.) What are the parking rules and is private parking included

10.) What are the income requirements

11.) Can I request a 1 year lease, 2 years lease, etc

12.) Is there an HOA- will you provide a copy of the HOA rules/regs.

13.) Who can I contact at the HOA for further information

14.) What are the rules if I have guests visiting or staying for a couple of days

15.) Who do I contact for after Hours-Emergencies?

These are only a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself before you get started looking for accommodations to rent. For more information, feel free to visit our website

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