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What to look for in a property management company

Do you know what kinds of questions you should be asking when you are looking to engage the services of a Property Management Company?

Besides the basic..."what are your fees", you should consider asking, and then comparing, side by side, the answers each company provides to you. Start by asking the most important question that I can think of...and that is, what is the owners rental distribution date? How will the Management Company distribute those funds to me? Who will hold the security deposit? What security measures do you implement in your company. Are your property managers, realtors? are they licensed? Do they have any other certifications? How long has the company been in business? How many properties does each property manager handle? Do you have after hours emergency services for tenants. Do you perform annual property inspections?

How do you collect rent? What does the property manager do if rent does not come in on time? How are property maintenance and repairs handled? Can you tell me about how you will market my property? Can you tell me more about your tenant retention efforts?

How do you perform tenant screening? Can you tell me more about your company's Background, Qualifications, and Portfolio? Can you tell me more about your organization, specifically - the size, Staff, Customer Service?

And once you have all of your answers-the choice will be easy! Synergy Property Management has all of the answers to your questions-but additionally we value and treasure the relationship that we have with you and will always hold up the highest of integrity in all matters that pertain to you our client and to your investments.

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