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Our All Inclusive HOA Management Services:

*Attend Board meetings and assist with annual Meetings
• Prepare pro-forma annual budgets  

• Prepare monthly financials

• Reconcile accounts
• Property inspections, violation letters, maintenance requests
• Provide Architectural Control Committee w/ arch-applications 

• Solicit contractor proposals

• Board packet preparation

• Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly Board Meetings

• Submit preventative maintenance recommendations
• Collect vendor bids and/or meet with contractors
• Review vendor contracts with association attorney

• Provide support to the Board and Committees for community websites

• Prepare and send annual meeting notices and reminders

• Prepare community newsletters, courtesy & violation letters

• Calendar facility reservations, assist with community events

• Coordinate and assist with association attorneys 
• Examine/research invoices for payment

•24/7 Customer care attendants to assist with daytime concerns and after hours emergency's

•Certified, caring managers to ensure proper guidance 

• Mail all billing statements to homeowners
• Manage accounts payable/receivables
• Collect, post and deposit payments
• Enforce delinquency collection procedures according to each community's specifications
• Open communication with residents

• Newsletters upon request*

• Assistance with Community Websites
• Coordinate tax return preparation, and assist Association CPA
• Ensure Annual Corporation Filing and Statement of Information is filed with the Secretary
of State 
• Review vendor insurance, mail annual 1099's to required

•Documentation storage/retrieval 

• *Small fee may apply

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