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Why choose us:

 Are you tired of the lack of communication between you and your Property Manager, are they slow to respond,

are they not keeping you in the loop, are they hard to reach, non-responsive, do they often have accounting mistakes,

do they have you do way too much of the managing of your own property??  You can do better, give us a call-

you will be happy that you did!!

-  Lower fees, we will match any competitive offer

-  30 years property management experience

-  Better customer experience

-  Highest Quality Management  Services

-  Any property, any size, still the lowest rate around

-  Single family residences, condos, towhhomes

-  And also Multi-Unit Properties

-  Quicker tenant turn around time

-  Quicker rent disbursements to owners

-  Screening of all tenants 

-  Precision photography

-  Preparation of Marketing Flyers*

-  End of Year 1099's for Easy Tax Reporting

-  Use of Professional C.A.R.  (Ca. Assoc. of Realtor) forms

-  Free Market Evaluation

-  Free listings on 70 websites and free signage at property during listings

-  Free listings on Steward PM Website

-  **Five   **Star   **Exemplary   **Service 

-  NO  Tenant Placement Fees

-  NO  Surcharge Fees

-  NO  Marketing Fees

-  NO  Lease up fees

-  NO  Renewal fees 

-  NO  % add on Maintenance/vendor fees 

-  NO  Hidden fees 

-  Every agent is licensed with the D.R.E. (California Dept. of Real Estate)

- C.A.I. Certified (Community Association Institute)

Why choose us

Orange County, California 

Steward Property 





Managing Properties since 1988

See why people love us

                Hear what people are saying about Steward Property Management!

I don’t know what I would have done without the guidance and knowledge of Steward Property Mgmt.

Owning several properties is a lot to juggle and I am glad that SPM is there to handle everything.

Madison W. 


Having left another management company I can totally see the difference between good and not-so-great companies.   Steward is by far the best property management company in all of Orange County.   They are caring and responsive and won’t make excuses like other companies do.  I can rely on them 24/7- they definitely should be your Go-To-Company and I cannot say enough great things about them! 

Daniel A.


What a great company- the communication is awesome with all of the staff, they are responsive, prompt, and polite.    Whether it’s someone I need in accounting, marketing, maintenance, or the property manager, they are always there to help.

Jeremy K.


I Highly recommend Steward Property Management in Tustin Steward PM gave me the confidence to know that my property would be cared for as if it were their own property.

Alexsandra P.

I have had an excellent experience using Steward Property Management – what a relief it was to change to them from my previous property management company.  Everyone I have ever spoken to has been so helpful and I am

Grateful to them for all they do. They truly are the best property management company.

Mandy W.

I have now been using Steward Property Management for more than 15 years.   They never miss a beat on any task- they are quick to respond to my calls and quick to get my tenant's maintenance repairs scheduled and completed.    My investment properties are protected and in safekeeping with them.  I highly recommend them!

Christopher James D.

Steward Property Management is such a wonderful and professional company.   I really enjoy working with all of the staff there- They make my life so easy.  Every issue is quickly addressed and they have an excellent maintenance staff that does a terrific job with any repair that they take care of.

Luca Joshua D.

I tried managing my five properties by myself and I was stressed day and night!   It was no fun getting maintenance calls at midnight for flooding toilets…   So I tried another property management company before trying Steward Property Management and I can tell you that the experience was like night and day.  Steward Property Management is hands down professional and I have so much confidence in their skill and knowledge level – I never have to worry any longer about the care of my properties.    SPM is truly the best!

Pete M.

I have to admit, I have tried several other property management companies before trying (SPM) Steward property management, and I could tell the difference right away.  From the first date of transitioning, SPM immediately began working on my properties.    They ensured that they collected all of the information that they would be needing from the prior company and then met and introduced themselves to my tenants.  It was a great transition for me, having been through several other messes before, I can see that SPM cares enough to make sure to be up and running from the very day so that there are no delays occurring of any kind. 

Jenny S.

SPM is just a fantastic company with a wonderful team of caring people.  Just hired them a couple of months ago to manage our 4-plex, with 2 vacant apartments.  They quickly got those rented out for us.   We couldn’t be happier with our change from a previous management company to Steward property management.

 Rebekah H.

I had some challenging tenants and I really needed help.  My current property management company was nonresponsive.   So, when I saw the number of positive reviews with Steward Property Management, I knew I found the right company to help me.  With their skill and expertise, we were soon able to get our tenants back on track and in compliance.  Thank you to all the staff at Steward P.M.

 Ramesh G.

The team at Steward has flawlessly managed my properties for more than 5 years.   This was my first investment of this type so I really needed someone that could help me learn the ins and outs of managing multiple properties.   I would have been at a loss if I did not have Steward property management guiding me- They always have my back.  A BIG thank you to Steward PM.    

Melody D.

Steward delivers excellence in service, straightforward, transparent, and efficient.   No one can match them!   Without question, the best in Orange County!

 Patrick O.

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